"Order and simplification are the first steps towards mastery of a subject." ~ Thomas Mann ~


Tax Reporting & Compliance  

Efficient management of tax reporting obligations can be a complex and daunting endeavor for high-net-worth individuals, families and companies, especially if multiple jurisdictions are involved.



Tax considerations can have an impact on a person’s life choices, such as decisions involving one’s place of residency and wealth management.


Tax Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Tax reporting and compliance requirements, especially when multiple jurisdictions are involved can lead to undesired tax disputes with tax authorities.


Our approach is customized to your unique needs and goals. We differentiate ourselves by the way this knowledge is applied; both for our clients, as well as for our business partners. 


Fernando Tax Group was founded in 2008 as Fernando c.s. Tax Consultancy by Shandrix E. Fernando after working as a tax lawyer with large tax consultancy firms in the Netherlands and Curaçao. Shandrix’s primary purpose was to give clients a personal treatment and special attention to their needs. Those core values still stand. Our office has grown steadily over the past years and has become a renowned tax consultancy firm, offering high-quality service at competitive rates.

At Fernando Tax, the focus is on tax and bespoke tax strategies in particular. Thorough knowledge of local and international tax laws is a prerogative.
Fernando Tax differentiates itself by the way this knowledge is applied; both for our clients, as well as for our partners.

Our firm has always been one hundred percent referral-based, whether from our clients or professionals. It is our mission to remain the first point of reference for our clients and relations for innovative (cross-border) tax solutions, private or corporate, and to achieve financial growth as a result of delivering added value. Welcome to Fernando Tax.